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Get Involved!

You are the church.  As a follower of Christ, you are called to let your faith and your good works bring light to the world.  The benefits of being an active church member include: Personal Growth, A Sense of Belonging, Church Growth, A Sense of Fulfillment, Renewed Purpose, and Spiritual Joy. So, look no further True Deliverance has a place just waiting for you to serve God.
  • deacons' board

  • junior ushers

  • true ladies' social

  • praise team

  • media ministry

  • kitchen ministry

  • missionary ministry

  • hospitality ministry

  • youth department

  • education department

  • college ministry

  • ministry of help

  • health/medical ministry

  • tdhc mass Choir

  • single's ministry

  • marriage ministry

  • dance ministry

  • parking lot ministry

  • ministry of music

  • senior ushers

  • young brothers

  • building/ground ministry

  • school of enrichment

  • audio visual ministry

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